Tree Town Poker is a Poker game similar to Poker Night at the Inventory. While the characters still mumble, the translation in English is shown in a text bubble. It was worked on by Capcom, three developers that worked on Team Fortress 2, and David Bazuki. It was released on Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch roughly a few days apart from each other.

Playable characters

Five canon characters are playable: Lumpy, Shifty, Giggles, Sniffles, and Mole. Alongside those five canon characters, 25 fan characters are also playable.

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Character tells

Characters have a few signs based off their hands.










  • Mole's decks are always all over the place due to him being blind when played against him. Due to this, he is most often eliminated early.


  • If his eyes flash red three times, he has a bad hand.
  • If his robotic ear twitches, he has a good hand.
  • If he pulls out a sandwich and takes a bite out of it before putting it back, he has a really good hand.
  • If he twitches his neck a bit, he is bluffing.


  • If she stretches, she has a really bad hand.
  • If she tilts her head a bit backward, she has a bad hand.
  • If her tail perks up, she has a good hand.
  • If she pulls out a toy purple sheep and squishes it for a few seconds, she is bluffing.
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