Twists and Turns is a HTFF episode featuring the Aussie Outback Friends that introduces Turns, the kangaroo who defends others with his boomerang.


Joey and Kuddly spend time together until Jerky ruins the moment by comparing Kuddly's nose to an eggplant. Kuddly begins to cry as Joey gets prepared to fight the bully. A boomerang spins through the air and slices the eggplant in Jerky's hand. The boomerang turns back before being caught by its owner, Turns.

Turns introduces himself to Joey and Kuddly, the latter especially impressed. He lets the starstruck Kuddly have a look at his boomerang. Joey, however, grows envious as she swoons for this other kangaroo. Turns departs with a huge bounding leap. Joey tries to copy him but ends up twisting his ankles. As he calls an ambulance, he sees an opportunity through this.

The next day, Kuddly runs into Joey, now sporting his own boomerang and his feet surgically enlarged. In an attempt to show off, he tosses his boomerang but quickly loses control of it as it spins in random directions. Spiny stands behind Prickles when the boomerang knocks him off his feet and causes them to impale each other. Necky sees the boomerang headed towards him and tries outrunning it, running in a circle to the point where the friction sets his soles on fire. He bursts into flames and doesn't stop running until he resembles a fried chicken. The boomerang slices off his head, completing the look.

Joey notices that the boomerang is about to hit Kuddly, so he knocks her aside. The two fall into a ditch and the boomerang gets stuck in a tree. Joey and Kuddly are then threatened by a brood of snakes awakened by their cries for help. Turns manages to find them, but hesitates at the sight of these snakes. Eventually he decides to confront his fear; taking Joey's boomerang, he jumps into the bit and throws both boomerangs at the snakes, knocking them into the air and out of their path. Jerky is seen eating his eggplant, when he is covered by a pile of snakes, strangled and bitten. 

Joey and Turns decide to be friends and share a handshake. They go for a bound, Joey giving Kuddly a ride on his back. Turns tosses his boomerang, which knocks against his helmet and hits Joey, causing him to trip; he and Kuddly tumble violently into Turns and the three end up with twisted ankles.


  1. Spiny and Prickles are impaled by each others' spines.
  2. Necky is burnt to death.
  3. Jerky is killed by snakes.


  • As with Kuddly in the previous episode, Joey's larger feet are a permanent change in his design.
  • The original title was Hop to it.
  • The current title references both Turns' name and the injuries he, Joey and Kuddly sustain.
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