Uncle Jagger (or simply Jagger) is a fan character.


Uncle Jagger is teal bobcat, who wears a typical scotsman outfit, and has a lazy eye and thick eyebrows. As his name suggests he is Paws' uncle and caregiver, and is from Scotland. While at first glance he may seem like a typical scotsman as he plays the bagpipes and gets angry a lot, he actually is a very talented pyrotechnic. and is very well crafted at placed explosives and using flame throwers. Despite that he is criminally insane, and will often unintentionally harm others with his bomb tricks. He also often tries to man up Paws, much to her dismay.






  • Paws - 2 ("Fire to The Pain", "Chilly Paws")
  • Weebit - 1 ("Rapping Ready" along with Disco Bear​)
  • Hokahoka - 1 ("Rapping Ready" along with Disco Bear)
  • Jeni - 1 ("Chilly Paws")
  • Aunt Chilly - 1 ("Chilly Paws")
  • Morton - 1 ("Dying For Pie Face")
  • Mix - 1 ("Dying For Pie Face")
  • Twinkie - 1 ("Dying For Pie Face")
  • Others - 1 (a bird in "Happy Paw-lidays")


  1. Paws-Ships Were Meant to Flay - Crushed by a satellite.
  2. Fire to the Pain - Set on fire. (Debatable)
  3. Rapping Ready - Killed in an explosion. (Debatable)
  4. The Mole Of Loch Ness - Mauled to the bones by piranhas.
  5. Fire Paw-lker - Burnt by coals.
  6. Happy Paw-lidays - Dies in house explosion (offscreen).
  7. Mission ImPawsible - Smashed through the head.


  • The inspiration for him came form a dream YSK had.
  • His name is a reference to Mick Jagger, of Rolling Stones fame.
  • It was confirmed Aunt Jagger (his wife) passed away prior to the series, as he seems to carry a locket with her in it.
  • There's another character named Jagger .


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