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  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on December 2



About Me

Ya boy ness

Me as a HTF. (aka Ness (Betapekoyama))

I'm Ness, but you can call me Owl, or Beta. I'm 17. I used to be an admin, but I went inactive for a long time. You can use my fan characters for whatever you want, just don't claim that they're yours.


  • I discovered HTF in 2009, when I was 7/8.
  • I joined this wiki when I was 11/12. Shh.
  • The first HTF episode I ever watched was Helping Helps.
  • My very first HTF OC was named Vixie, who was a blue tiger-wolf that had a crush on Splendid. She still exists, but I don't have her on this wiki.

My Contributions


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Adopted Characters

  • Sunflower (adopted from Sims3Fan33333)
  • Spiritie (adopted from MagicMasterBilly)
  • Kori (adopted from Clesta The Winged Wolf)
  • Mother and Sister (adopted from RandomzSunfish23901)
  • Aibis (adopted from RandomzSunfish23901)
  • Spoony (adopted from RandomzSunfish23901)

Rejected/Cameo Characters

Relationships with Others


  • TBA


  • TBA


Episode Ideas

  • Other Mother: Oak runs away from home.
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