• I live in The Black Sun
  • My occupation is Dark god
  • I am male


This user, male or female, is a gamer and plays alot of video games.
Exbelion, the god of darkness
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U can't touch this profile!
Name Exbelion, the god of darkness
Gender Male
Interests Video games and drawing
Color Blue is my favorite color
Age Im eternal baby! .uu.
Friends/Allies I have many :)
Enemies/Rivals Trolls, cyberbullies and vandals !
Love Interests Play video games until my hands sore
Kill Count 346
Death Count 0
First Appearance On Elminage Gothic Wiki
First Victim A dragon
First Death Im eternal...didn´t i said that before?

My Favorite TV Shows


  1. Dragon Ball Z
  2. Inuyasha
  3. Yuyu Hakusho
  4. One Piece
  5. Naruto
  6. Death Note
  7. Elfen Lied


  1. Steven Universe
  2. Regular Show
  3. Adventure Time
  4. Chowder
  5. Spongebob Squarepants (Seasons 1-3 and both movies)
  6. Yokai Watch


  1. Happy Tree Friends (the reason im on this wiki)
  2. South Park
  3. Drawn Together
  4. Beavis and Butthead
  5. Ugly Americans
  6. Family Guy

My favorite movies

  1. Batman: The Dark Knight
  1. Harry Potter
  2. Star Wars Episodes I-VII
  3. Prometeus
  4. TED
  5. Paul
  6. Airplane!
  7. Scary Movie I-IV
  8. Avatar
  9. Terminator 2 (Hasta la vista, baby!)

My TOP 5 Favorite Video Games ever

My favorite activity is to play video games, alone or with friends, video games are so much fun ;).

My OCs (which are free to kill´em with fire if you want)


OCs made on HTF Digiter

Adopted characters


Giffy gifs !


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