Flippy the French4

  • I live in En France
  • I was born on June 19
  • I am Un mec

Hi, I'm Flippy The French!


FTF's band!

I'm not an admin anymore, since I left the wiki during two years. But... I like those things on my profile.

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About Me

Hi everyone, I am Flippy the French4, but you can call me Flippy.

I'm a cool guy who's born on June 19th. I'm the creator of FTF Tree Friends and a huge cinema lover!

Like say my user name, I am French. So, I can do mistakes of grammar in my episodes plots, do not hesitate to correct me!

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  • Lord O' Darkness
  • Waterclam
  • Shadow887
  • Chase555
  • GayleRainbow

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