aka GG's the T-rex

  • I live in En un lugar muy especial
  • I was born on July 31
  • My occupation is Estudiante de Vagologia postgrado nivle 2
  • I am Soy sisgenero :v


This user, male or female, is a gamer and plays alot of video games.

I need Healing!

Gonza el Mandibulas 2

Im a T-rex now (? dont ask

So so, i know, you know, we all know that this is a profile pag, so, wath do you think you gonna find? Yeah! Nothing Ok no xd

Well, lets start this, for now, Im a Spanish user, so, i speak spanish, i have no problems whit the english but sometimes i get... slowy to this xd. Im Chilean, a very large country in the south of USA... ejem... i say, in south america.

I like to draw, but im so busy to try it frecuently, i feel sorry about that cause i guess im letting go things like this wiki, draw, games, friends, etc. Works and Study dont give me a chance, sad for me. But not everything is bad, i can handle in my work, i can buy some things, and i learn many things every day.

You can ask every guy, im not a troublemaker, im not on that, i prefer still beging happy whit myself xd

About my Characters

Im actually in a headcache, out of ideas Not really, maybe a bit lazy, Im spending my time in videogames and studies, hope can do something here soon, if you chek my spanish wiki profile you will see alot of oc's and episodes there, so i will start to update then here.

About ideas for episodes and some ocs im thankfull whit this amazing guys

TheBlu(?: Maybe my best shot here, kinda awsome ocs, and in my opinion, the best episode maker.

Sugar: First, anyway, reported; Second, cool stuff, love her DA.

LoD: Wowie Bud, you have a lot of espectacular ocs, some day enter here, see you stuff and say, oh cool, after that i arrive here jeje.

The other friends i know is in the spanish wiki so they can go to cook creamberries >:v


Thinking to back to work on the wiki, maybe yes, maybo no, but hey, dont care about me  :u

Need friends? Me too!... no, wait!

Im more active here


I draw Anime, Chibbi and furry.}

Well... 2016 style i guess...

I also draw my oc in the normal HTF style, but i also draw it in my personal HTF style, see it here


List of my oc (here)

Adopted oc :v

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