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Temporarily available. Not telling when I will actually leave for this session.

Upcoming episode keywords

None for now.


  • "Smoochie Offers!" event

But what about your fan characters?!

They're free to use. As for rejected characters, however, only Froggy and Chestnut are usable, but their roles have to be limited to brief cameos like Truffles. Other rejects (Vicious, Veggie, Robin, Goatee, Cappy, and Resty) are unusable no matter what.

It's up to a writer's responsibility on how these characters behave in fanworks. I will not take responsibility for unpleasant depictions.

My fan characters

Cameo-only characters

My fan characters that couldn't manage to get the first place in Vote or Die, but will only appear as cameos.

Losing characters

Losing characters from my Vote or Die. Unlike the cameo-only characters, they won't show up in anything. In short, they're just a display.

Blog Header

This is free to use.

Random Stuff

Random stuff I did out of boredom. Anyone is allowed to use these, though.

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