Hi, I'm HTFMole and I'm from Czech Republic.

My Characters

none yet

Given Away

My ideas for episodes

  • Hungry Games: Some fat characters clash in eating competition
  • Swimming Fool: Lumpy goes swimming in a public pool, but everything goes terribly wrong.
  • A Sunny Day: In the Happy Tree Town is summer and it becomes very hot. Few characters trys to survive in this huge heat.
  • Asleep at the Wheel: Elliott decides to make a driver's license.
  • A Tower Above Me: Cocktail decides to come out on top of the Eiffel Tower. But it will be much harder than it sounds.
  • Funny-Ral: Chuckles learns that laughing at a funeral is not the best idea.
  • Unnamed Episode: Venomous snake escapes from the zoo and everyone is trying to catch him.
  • Unnamed Episode: The Mole becomes the captain of a ship. This episode is a prequel to episode Idol Curiosity.
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