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  • I was born on December 29
  • My occupation is computer stuff.
  • I am the senate.


A BIG HEADS UP: I'd hate to say this, but I've pretty much lost all of my interest in Happy Tree Friends and being a part of the fandom because of the very little activity when it comes to new content and overall the decline of the community. Despite my nonexistent interest in the show anymore, that doesn't mean I won't leave the wikia, I'll still try my best to deal with things on the wikia as a moderator, and overall keep it updated. But when it comes to stuff such as episodes and characters, you might be disappointed when I say I may not be working on those as much as I used to, or more likely ever, because of once again my small interest in HTF now. People are still allowed use my characters and can put them in episodes and whatnot, and I will try to get out as much content as possible, even with my low activity, but since I'm getting into more communities and this one isn't really showcased in it's glory days as it was in the past, expect to see me much less often here.


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Episode/Break Board

These are meant to keep hold and track of future/upcoming episodes (so I don't end up forgetting them LMAO). Expect this board to be updated often.

  1. A full episode with Ratchet and fireworks based off of the New Years Day 2019 wallpaper I made. Scroll down for sneak peek.
  2. A break featuring Mocha and Lustly. I think you'll know how this one will go from here.
  3. A break featuring Brohdy and Hops and something having to do with their lower torsos or legs being swapped due to an accident. Might include Mr. Rho in it if I wanted to do it.
  4. definitely have more ideas for other episodes/breaks, just got to think them out more before considering.

Great Friends

These people on the wiki that I can always trust.

  1. Better Nerf Puddle: Wow, what a great user... He, along with me, basically revived this wiki's popularity. He makes phenomenal art (I dare say, better than LOD's), great writing, outstanding stuff on DA, and to add it up, I talk to him a lot on Discord, and we get along pretty well!
  2. shut: Say what you want about the drama from before, I think she's beyond innocent. I feel like some users judged her WAY too freaking much? Anyways, I really like her characters and their designs, which can get really creative. Also a funny sense of humor, which I always like in someone. She recently joined "The Muskies", which can make us come in contact even more.
  3. Reaper the Creeper: We are inseparable at this point. Us two have SO MUCH in common, and I love talking to him on Discord. We also play games together sometimes, which just brings us together even more. He also has very crazy but entertaining ideas with his characters and art. He's also a part of my quartet "The Muskies", which is pretty cool. (Jesus, I should talk to him more often.)
  4. Ms. "I Have Way Too Many OCs Right Now": A really good friend of mine who never fails to put a smile on my face. Sure, we've had our fights in the past, but recently I forgived her and we're a-okay again. We occasionally partner up for certain projects or overall have a good time in stuff like shitposting or voice chat.
  5. Fellow Fantasy Friend: Though I haven't seen her as much as the other users on this list, I have to admit she can get pretty funny and kind, and her OCs can get VERY creative, some I would love to use in future episodes. I have noticed she can get short-tempered sometimes, so I don't at all try to push her buttons. I also noticed she loves fantasy like I do, which I take pleasure in.

Ahh, what the heck, I like everyone on this wiki, even the ones on other wikis! (with some exceptions)


Which episode/break should I work on first?

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These characters can also appear in regular HTFF episodes.

Episode/Break Sneak Peaks

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