aka nothing of your business dudes.

  • I live in anywhere,
  • My occupation is Stop asking me.
  • I am female, its obvious

[Hi! I'm Astralfleur, newest account of this account. Please do not scroll down any further because of my grammars, and yes, this is my old account, my new is right here. Just click this pink font XD -> Astralfleur 12:05, April 3, 2014 (UTC) ] Yes,im good in drawings in real (when using ballpens,pencils) including shading,but in paint tools,no.

Feel free to post everything in my talk page.


My creativity is 80% because sometimes im wrong so i undoing it.

Drawing (using ballpens and pencils etc.)

Im good at it,im only drawing anime,htf and more! except for the people.

Favorite HTF Characters

- Isabella

- Xaviere

- Czarinah

Favorite HTF Episode (Fanmade)

- Retired

- IsaBelle Bells


Yes,i have a twitter.I have accounts all about HTF,including Isabella.My twitter is official the other with a picture a cat eating a pizza is unnofficial.

Talk page

All users must updated to my talk page,what about if there's an important question? (including administrators to keep updated -.-) Just like starting today.

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