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  • I live in Earth... in the Milky Way
  • I was born on June 15
  • My occupation is Wut?
  • I am Female gender

Hello I'm LittleMissPeggie or Peggie. I'm a 16 year old girl who is just trying to survive my boring and stressful life and this wiki is my semi-safe place. I would love to get to know you guys and be friends with you as I have very little friends IRL... but I'm a bit shy... and very cringeworthy.

DeviantArt: Taumanso0

Discord: Be my friend on discord! LittleMissPeggie#4017

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This user, male or female, is a fan of Undertale, a game by Toby Fox.


This user prefers Pokemon Moon over Pokemon Sun.


Irin is waifu material!

Friends <3

Get The Nerf Gun: Great admin! Though I don't talk to him as much as the two listed below, I still like him as a friend and feel comfortable talking to him. He makes great characters along with great comics and great art. I talk to him on Discord and he seems to be friendly, calm, nice, and with a great sense of humor. 

Hot-tempered With An Imagination: I talk to her a lot on Discord as well and she seems nice, friendly, but hot-tempered. She has a great art style and makes great art. Like said before, she's a bit hot-tempered but I'm okay with that as she is nice and funny that makes up for it (as I tend to look at the good more than the bad). She also makes really great characters (along with great adopts kek) and has a really wild imagination, which I also like!

My Edgy Doggo "Sister": Me and her are really close. We share a lot in common (to the point where I legit think we're clones) and I feel comfortable talking with her about personal problems or anything really. While she gets stressed easily and feels guilty about most things, I completely understand, I feel the same way as you. She's really funny and nice and I see her as a sister that I never though I had more than just a simple close friend. I like everything she does; her characters, her drawings, her fanfics, pretty much everything! I wish I could meet her irl.

I actually like everyone on this wiki tbh. Sorry if your not on the list, but just know that I still like you.


Dying inside-


W.I.P List/To Do List


  • Work on Total Tree Friends


Don't have any ideas for now


Next Character: Blackberry... my Blackberry

My Characters

Main Children

Characters that I talk about more then any other character of mine, my children~ (NOTE: Vini doesn't count as she's a self-insert)

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