aka Mecha or Logan

  • I live in on a very cold planet far away from our solar system.
  • I was born on July 17
  • I am an alien

Hey, it’s me again. I’m a huge fan of HTF, so this is why I joined here. Don’t worry, I don’t bite... Or do I? Heheheh... :3

My episodes

Headcannons for canon characters

  • Cuddles: He is a skateboarder who has a bit of a geeky side to him. Human name: Christopher (Chris) “Cuddles” Savage
  • Giggles: She’s a hipster who is an indie film actress. Human name: Georgina “Giggles” Laughlin
  • Toothy: He is a dentist who happens to be a fan of MLP: FIM. Human name: Thomas “Toothy” Daye
  • Lumpy: He’s not as dumb as he is in the show, but he is very rich and has 30 jobs. Human name: Laurence (Larry) “Lumpy” Seiners
  • Petunia: She’s a bigger germaphobe than she is in the show, and is the cool one of the group. Human name: Petunia Lynn Florenstien
  • Handy: He actually is a happy and positive person. He just doesn’t like people joking about his nubs. Human name: Harold “Handy” Boyd
  • Sniffles: He stays the same, but he’s a mad scientist. Human name: Sheldon “Sniffles” Nassaim
  • Nutty: He stays the same and loves anime. Human name: Nathan (Nate) “Nutty” Moon
  • Flaky: She is shy, but not paranoid, and likes baking cakes and deserts. Human name: Marie “Flaky” Fletcher
  • Flippy: His PTSD is worse, and he is anxious and paranoid. Human name: Freddy “Flippy” Waterson
  • Mime: He does speak, but he is very shy. Human name: Michael (Mike) “Mime” Lovely
  • The Mole: He is the wise one of the group and acts as a voice of reason to the others. Human name: Melvin “Mole” Schuyler
  • Disco Bear: He is a wannabe playboy. He is also bisexual, but pretends to be hetero. Human name: Dennis “Disco Bear” Seanann
  • Russell: He stays the same, but is also shy. Human name: Russell Patrick Sparrow
  • Lifty & Shifty: They are not evil. They steal for fun. When they do, they’ll say they “found it somewhere”. They also are punk rock singers. They may be sneaky, but they have personalities. The personalities shown are:
    • Shifty: extremely short-tempered, carries a sledgehammer around, extreme tsundere, likes to break things, drinks a lot.
    • Lifty: cares more, nerdy, likes pulling pranks.
    • Human names: Aruka “Shifty” Kamachi and Akira “Lifty” Kamachi
  • Pop and Cub: Pop is the same, but Cub is a prankster. Human names: Percy “Pop” Shaw and Ronald (Ronnie) “Cub” Shaw
  • Lammy: She stays the same, but is a stoner. XD Human name: Leandra “Lammy” Urban
  • Truffles: He is a spy, not a stalker. Human name: Timothy “Truffles” von Park
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