aka Josh Davis

  • I live in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom
  • I was born on November 7
  • My occupation is Freeman, Digital Artist, Idea Genius
  • I am Male

Adding an episode

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Episode storage

I will put these ideas on the episode list in the future.

  • Sleeping with the Frenemy - John falls for Naz, much oblivious to his bro, who believes that Naz is still a bully.
  • Hero or Zero - Splendid comes face to face with Splendont, again.
  • Ant Misbehavin' - Sniffles turns himself into an ant to confront the Ant Family. Will this succeed?
  • White Water 'Recking - A few friends go white water rafting. What can go wrong?
  • Dead and Gun - Shooter breaks his gun and tries his hardest to get another one.
  • Building a Ship - Handy and Russell build a giant ship, whilst Giggles has a new crush.
  • Tummy Troubles - Petunia gets appendicitis. The only solution for that: surgery.
  • Painstorm - Sniffles' new invention causes a storm of acid rain. What can he do?

Facts about me

  • I am 19 years old, making me one of the oldest users on this wiki.
  • I have a fear of wasps and needles.
  • I am autistic and Aspergers
  • I am interested in space, birds, the paranormal, science and history.
  • I believe in UFOs, ghosts and the existence of cryptids.
  • I am the only user (so far) who lives in Great Britain.
  • I love cartoons as much as video games.
  • I never have a girlfriend or anyone who has a crush on me.
  • I have neutral feelings, but don't push me too far.


  • Swoopy1116 - He has cool Object OCs.
  • RoboStartheBomb - Same as Swoopy.
  • Brittonbubba - Always looks up to me when I'm in trouble.
  • Deadlydark - He's an OK friend. I do enjoy doing RPs with him.
  • Yellow-Spider-Kitty - He's really nice.
  • ClestatheWingedWolf - Really kind.
  • 1MysteriousEnigma - She's OK. She can be a bit tricky sometimes. XD
  • RayTube - He calls me JoshJepson sometimes. X3
  • Chase555 - The master of this wiki.

Fan characters

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