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About The K9 (Updated 03/15/2021, last seen 05/10/2021)

  • Hey all! I'm TheShyK9, but I also go by Duke, K9(for shot), or Joey, 20 and autistic but I don't mind about who I am or what is my background. I am important and I do matter.
  • Keep in mind I'm critical of who I come across, so if you're nice to me, I will return the favor. I'm not here to make that many friends, I'm here to enjoy the Wiki and have fun.
  • I also go by (please be aware of other places I may not have listed that I do have)
    • ConductorShyGuy(DeviantArt)
    • FanFiction(TheShyK9)
    • Youtube(TheShyK9)
    • MarshLocko(FurAffinity)
    • Discord(TheShyK9#8158)
    • SW-3510-1314-7439(Nintendo Switch FC if you wanna hang out with me there)
  • Former relentless Mario Kart 8 player. Fan of Nintendo, Cartoon Network, Happy Tree Friends, and a hell lot of stuff.
  • Just a regular artist. At the moment I make GoAnimate videos for friends' entertainment, and ongoing with character elimination, 20 seasons ongoing.
  • Don't be afraid, I don't bite! Or do I?
  • I own 41 characters at the moment... 44 counting adoptables. I need to make the rest of the pages soon...
  • Getting less active here. Please expect me to be on here usually only on Wednesdays(some Fridays too) and the weekends.

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