Time to make up my lack of new content with this special offer! I honestly find Smoochies fun to make, though I'm usually limited to my own fan characters, existing fan content from somewhere else, or editing other people's Smoochies. And so, I decide to test my Smoochie writing on other people's fan characters that don't have one yet. Please read below on how to participate!

How this works

I am offering a few keywords in the list below. If you, the reader, is interested in having your fan character(s) having their own Smoochie yet you lack the idea or execution, you're welcome to comment! Here are the conditions to be considered:

  1. Make sure the fan character has an article with at least some basic description so that I have an idea on how they would behave.
  2. Make sure the fan character mentioned is yours to begin with. I won't hesitate looking through their page history to check.
    • If adopted from someone else, make sure their category list has such indication to lessen confusion related to ownership.
  3. I prefer NOT to work with crossover characters in the Smoochies I write, so characters that are blatantly such won't be considered. This might be a complex check, so I might reconsider a few times before deciding.
  4. Make sure the fan character has no Smoochie they star in yet.
  5. For keyword commenting, only 1 keyword per character. If the keyword has been worked into a Smoochie, it's no longer usable.
  6. First come, first serve. I'll look on the comments based on the time posted.

Once again, don't worry about the writing. This is entirely my own project just for fun, though it can help make your character shine more.

Themes offered

Please comment using the name of the keyword listed below and the fan character you want to associate with. List will be updated periodically.

Smoochies done

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