"Hey, didn't you say you were going to focus on your animation career".

Yes, however, probably have new series involved, as I learned to be a cartoonist can fuck you up, If I pitched something with my OCs, I'll loose the rights to it. (Matt Groening made The Simpsons since he didn't want to lose the rights for his Life in Hell comics after all.)

I also was given advice, to paratice writing on things not related to Thunder and Friends, so there's that. (Show's not over, just a hitaus)

I'm returning with a two-parter episode, that at least for me splices up the formula, as if you saw what I did for Raymond, I'm doing for the rest of my ocs.

Alright Already / We'll All Float On, a special episode invovling Thunder re-writing history, for better or for worse, since it's not in the formula, I found out the Season 120 was taken, so it's a part of the TV Series now.

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