Vanilla is a fan character and the creator's 2nd self-insert

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Gender: Female
Likes: Playing, 5 Seconds of Summer, MLP, drawing, being with friends, explosions, having fun, singing, food, Spongebob SquarePants, hugs, childish things, family, ice cream, stuffed animals, parties, chocolate, acting, comedy movies, games, sports
Dislikes: Dying, people who hurt or annoy her, school, sad stories or poems, unhappy characters, vegetables, crazy characters, most Flippy-sue's except friends and family, needles, bullying/bullies, when her friends are sad
Species: Wolf
Color: Very light yellow
Size: Average HTF height
Friends: Flaky, Flippy, Petunia, Toothy, Cuddles, Lammy, Splendid, Zippy The Raccoon, Lime, First, Raymond, Sarevol, Boony, Xtianz, Denji, Zacy, Clesta, Trippy, Buggy, Posie, Bannah, Bun, Howdy, Aiden, Fluffy, Random, Batsy, Eddie, Tum, Neeko, Strut, Kazumi, Kaliyah, Riseaddy, Sky Noobster, Sharky, Dime, Spike, Raven, most Deviantart characters
Enemies: Disco Bear, Fliqpy, Mutant Cat/Creamy, Nutty, Splendont, Lifty & Shifty
Lover(s): None/TBA
Kill Count: 4
Deaths: 19
Debut: Mall to Stall

Character Info

Vanilla is a light yellow with long, black hair and a red nose. She wears a dark blue hoodie with the hood down with a dark red pocket and tassels, and dark brown pants. She is stupid and easily confused, although is not as dumb as Lumpy. Despite being 13 years old, she acts mentally much younger, and some others mistake her being a little girl due to this. She does many childish things, such as drawing childish pictures with crayon, bouncing like Pinkie Pie, and singing obnoxiously. If she is confused, she will usually say, "...I don't get it" with a confused look. However, she is also very friendly and playful.


Benji and Starlight-Deceased Parents

Cinnamon-Older brother

Raven-Older sister


Vanilla is obviously stupid and easily confused. At the same time, she is also sweet, quirky, sassy, talkative, and energetic. She is overly-optimistic, almost never getting angry or sad. She is selfless and usually puts other's needs before her own. She is also outgoing and looking for adventure, fun, or things to do with her friends. Sometimes she can be risky like Cuddles and do dangerous things, but is not as risky as him. Her behavior can sometimes lead to her or other character's death.



Kills and Deaths


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