Vollodo is a fanon character of HTFF.


Vollodo is a living voodoo who got cursed that can't make her do something's normal (eg eating, speaking, showing emotions, etc). She is a very quiet character and doesn't really talk so much, she also don't do anything except for waiting until someone bring her as "doll". She's barely active at daytime but she can be very active during night.

However, she has sinister and dark secret, every night, she'll moving and wandering around town. She follows everyone who walk at nighttime, no matter what and how they try, she's still follow them and can't be let go. Since she has curse, she also can curse anyone. It can blind, suffer, absorb, and even kill them. Vollodo feels herself didn't really fit in toy shop and if someone put her beside other dolls, she'll destroy it when she/he leave her/his houses.

It's rumored that Vollodo can brings a bad luck to someone who injury her owner, the curse is very painful and can lead to horrible death. She can be nice and harmless doll if someone treats her, otherwise Vollodo will curses her/him. Her deaths is involve her curse, being torn and bitten.


  • She was based off Frowing Gapers from The Binding of Isaac, which the creator's favorite game.
  • She was made from dead animal's skins rather than fabric.
  • Despite her eyes closed, she still can see any moves by her other senses like ears.
    • The creator state that Vollodo isn't blind, she just closed it due her eyes is very sensitive toward sun.
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