Wake(board) Up is a fanon episode of HTF.

Gutsy, use your horns!





At the beach, Gutsy ties himself to a rope attached to a motor boat and gets on his wakeboard. The driver, Elliott, activates the motorboat and starts speeding across the water. Gutsy jumps the waves and does all sorts of tricks, impressing Giggles and Petunia who watch from the shore.

Elliott falls asleep and unkowingly passes a piranha-warning sign. Within moments, dozens of piranhas jump out of the water and bite Gutsy. As the boat continues to race, Gutsy is slammed into rocks, a ship, and even a whale. Up ahead is Russell fishing on a boat. Gutsy gets out of the way and dodges him. Russell sighs in relief, when piranhas jump onto his boat and bite on him.

Luckily for Gutsy, he has come prepared. He opens his backpack, releasing a parachute which lifts him into the air. Now parasailing, Gutsy enjoys himself again. However, he bumps into a flock of seagulls and flies into a plane's engine. He miraculously survived, though his parachute was shredded. He falls and gets slapped across the water several times. The boat races onto a tropical island and sends Gutsy into some trees. The boat goes back into the water and Gutsy is tangled up with the rope.

The Elliott finally wakes up and drives the motorboat back to shore. Gutsy tries to free himself from the rope, which is now tangled with the motor. Gutsy is slowly pulled into the motor and then shredded. The boat goes racing back into the water with another wake boarder, Hippy. The motor leaves a trail of Gutsy's blood in the water which attracts the piranhas, who start following Hippy, much to his dismay.


"Don't make waves."


  1. Russell is possibly eaten by piranhas (debatable).
  2. Gutsy is shredded by the motor.


  1. Gutsy gets attacked by piranhas; slams into rocks, a ship, and a whale; scraped by a plane engine; slapped across the water; and hit into several trees.
  2. If not eaten, Russell is attacked by the piranhas.


  • This is the Season 18 premiere.
  • The moral is the same one used in Wipe Out.
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