Waterclam Extravaganza is a fan made DVD that feautres many deput episodes of Waterclam's characters. The DVD was released to show thanks to Waterclam for all his work on the wiki.


Special Features

  • Includes fan art of Hippy!
  • A look at Hippy and his progress through the show!
  • Follow the purple bear!
  • Deleted scenes!
  • Commentary from Waterclam himself!

Additional Deaths

  1. DVD cover: Hawkeye is impaled on a through the head by flag and though the chest by several fireworks.
  2. On the disc: Buddy is is wrapped around the disc.
  3. Episode select menu: Burr and Meaty crushed by the menu.

Additional Injuries

  1. DVD cover: Hippy is lit on fire by fireworks.
  2. Main menu: Lumpoo has both antlers cut off.
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