Name Weebit
Gender Male
Interests Pots of gold
Species Cricket
Color Green
Size Small
Kill Count 6
Death Count 7
First Appearance Seeing Green
First Victim Nutty (Seeing Green)
First Death The Thirteenth Friday

Weebit is a character of HTFF, and later became a Creepy Cryptid Friends character.

Character bio

Weebit is a green Irish cricket with freckles, a shamrock hat and orange antennae. Later when he became a CCF character, he was given a beard and mandibles.

He is a leprechaun, and as such, has a lot of good luck. He is obsessed with pots of gold and would resort to extreme measures if they get stolen. He is magical and can grant wishes to people. However, he is also a trickster who may unleash curses on people who steal his gold.

Due to his good luck, he has few deaths. But he may get stepped on sometimes.  


Starring Roles

Featuring Roles



  1. The Thirteenth Friday - Stepped on by Lucky.
  2. Unlucky Charms - Eaten by a frog.
  3. Cricket Food - Splatters.
  4. Wendy Go - Impaled by Wendy's antler.
  5. Lucy Is Not A Luck - Killed by Lucy's lucky charm.
  6. Paw O' Gold - Crushed by Paws.
  7. Rapping Ready - Crushed by a rolling bomb.

Kill count

  • Nutty - 2 ("Seeing Green", "Potluck")
  • Lifty - 1 ("Unlucky Charms")
  • Shifty - 1 ("Unlucky Charms")
  • Leif - 1 ("Paw O' Gold" along with Paws)
  • Paws - 1 ("Paw O' Gold")


  • Like real crickets, he is small and can jump high.
  • He and his debut episode were created in commemoration of St. Patrick's Day.
  • His name is a segment of Irish slang (Wee bit; meaning a little bit). 
  • He is the third Irish character. The first is Leif, and the second is O' Hare of The Euro-League.
  • He was moved to Creepy Cryptid Friends because he wasn't being used as much in HTFF.


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