Welcome to H T F Land Season 2 by STITCH62633

The title card for Welcome to HTF Land (season 2).

Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Land (or Welcome to HTF Land for short) is a spinoff created by STITCH62633 from deviantART. Unlike the original HTF, there are human characters and rarely bloody scenes. The style used in this spinoff is inconsistent between the original HTF and anime.

Main characters

There are many characters featured in the spinoff, but the ones having major roles are possibly Cuddles, the yellow rabbit, and Casey, the pink-haired girl. There are also other major appearing characters like Flaky, Flippy, Lifty, and Shifty, plus some human characters.


This spinoff tells the adventures of Casey, a human who accidentally discovers the HTF Land, where creatures known as Tree Friends live. She first befriends Cuddles then meets the rest of the HTF gang. Later, more and more humans enter the place, including Casey's friends. Casey, along with the HTF gang, must stop the evil people and regain peace in HTF Land.

List of episodes

This lists the possible order of episodes in this spinoff. (Note that several episode titles are fixed from the original)

Season 1

  1. Happy Tree Friends Land
  2. Jussy
  3. Lilly
  4. Lifty and Shifty
  5. Disco Bear
  6. Splendid
  7. Flaky and Flippy
  8. Flaky and Petunia
  9. Pop and Cub
  10. Sniffles and Cro Marmot
  11. Lumpy
  12. Idol Curiosity
  13. The Mall
  14. Halloween
  15. The Egyptian
  16. Nutty's Fairy Tail
  17. Flaky and Cub Got Lost
  18. The Mission (Part 1)
  19. The Mission (Part 2)

Season 2

  1. Brandy Vs. Flippy
  2. Mimi
  3. Connor's (Stripes') Love Sight
  4. The Alien from the Outer Space
  5. A Trip to Paris
  6. The Amazing Fresko
  7. Copper
  8. The Sleeping Rose
  9. All Hail Princess Jussy
  10. Rematch: Splendid Vs. Splendont
  11. Giggles and Cuddles, Love at Their Sight
  12. Trappy
  13. The Carnival Express
  14. Helping Kitty
  15. Casey's and Lilly's Slumber Party
  16. Casey and Jussy, Princesses of the Sea
  17. Entering Casey's Dreamland
  18. Mime's Love Life
  19. The Chosen One (Part 1)
  20. Buddhist Monkey (The Chosen One Part 2)
  21. The Book of Crime
  22. Operation: Panda Mom and Baby
  23. Casey and the Tree Friends Reunion
  24. Lifty's Love Life with Zoey
  25. Holiday at India
  26. High School Paradise
  27. Friends for Everyone
  28. The Tiki Forest of Tiki Tree Friends
  29. The Evil Clone of Evil Casey
  30. The Big City and the Land of Atlantis
  31. Alex the 13th
  32. Mimi's Big Adventures
  33. The Evil Rat
  34. Disco Viva, Disco Love
  35. A Hunting Way We Go
  36. Operation: Work Out
  37. Bottom of the Ocean
  38. Casey and Brandy, Trouble in Chinatown
  39. Evil Flippy (Part 1)
  40. Evil Flippy (Part 2)
  41. Casey's Graduation Day

Season 3

  1. The Happy Tree Friends Go to College
  2. A Road to Great Outdoors
  3. Kimco
  4. A One Way Hike to Tokyo's Paradise of Romance (Part 1)
  5. A One Way Hike to Tokyo's Paradise of Romance (Part 2)
  6. Flippy's Past
  7. Flaky the Idol
  8. Lifty's and Zoey's First Date
  9. Mimi's Petsitting
  10. Buddhist Monkey, Master of Kung Fu Style
  11. The Love Club
  12. Flakyrella
  13. Winter, Wonder, Ice
  14. Lifty and Shifty, Scene of the Crime
  15. Kimco Enters the Happy Tree Friends Land
  16. The Nightmare Before Flaky
  17. H.T.F. Goes to the Game
  18. Splendid and Splendont, Which Side Are You In?
  19. Casey the Girl Scout
  20. All Hail Remi the Prince
  21. Yo Ho, Yo Ho, the Seal Lights For Me!
  22. Enter the Garden of Happiness
  23. Truth Today, Banned Tomorrow
  24. The Legend of Tom the Warrior
  25. Lifty and Shifty in Viva Mexico
  26. One Way Hike to Vacation Express
  27. Next Stop is Italy Express
  28. Shannon the Disco Fan
  29. Little Miss Giggly
  30. Shifty is in Love with Konani
  31. On the Road to Tennessee
  32. The Party Planner

Welcome to HTF Land: Doshi Destiny episodes (Season 1)

  1. When We Meet, We Become Friends
  2. Riceball Seller
  3. My Dear Giggles
  4. A Garden Named Petunia
  5. Mole is Coming to Town
  6. Little Miss Flaky
  7. Mr. Tamiko the Prankster Prince
  8. Mime the Great
  9. Happy Dojo Day
  10. The Return of Flippy the Green Bear
  11. Nutty the Sugary Nutcase
  12. Entering Disco Bear's Love Zone
  13. Handy Dandy
  14. On the Road to Hiking Exploration
  15. Pop and Cub in Toyland
  16. The Day at the Beach
  17. The Happy Tree Friends Memories
  18. The Raccoon Brothers
  19. Operation: Rampage Express
  20. The Amazing Splendid
  21. Lovely Jussy
  22. Russell the Pirate
  23. Lumpy the Blue Moose
  24. Cro Marmot the Ice Cream Man
  25. Stacy the Mysterious Blue Porcupine
  26. One Way Hike to Okinawa Paradise
  27. Girls' Night Out with Lammy and Mr. Pickels
  28. The Mysteries of the Japanese Spider, Belldum
  29. Cuddles, Giggles, and Zora Save the Christmas
  30. Happy Wonderland
  31. Cobo the Dancing Lion
  32. Flippie the Dolphin
  33. Flaky and Casey Reunion
  34. The Friendship of Yin and Yang
  35. I Scream, You Fear
  36. Happy Spring Girls
  37. Welcome to the Mr. Cottontail's
  38. The Return of Evil Flippy (Part 1)
  39. The Return of Evil Flippy (Part 2)
  40. One Big Happy Tree Friends

Welcome to HTF Land: Doshi Destiny episodes (Season 2)

  1. The Cherry Tree of Friendship
  2. Cute But Beautiful Miko
  3. My Dearest Twinkle
  4. My Dear Friend Lilly
  5. Paint 626
  6. Zora and Brandy
  7. The Return of Splendont
  8. Petunia vs. the Japanese Mud Monster
  9. Mimi's Back in Action!
  10. The Diva, The Fiva, Flipleah
  11. Happy Nature Friend (Part 1)
  12. Happy Nature Friend (Part 2)
  13. Happy Nature Friend (Part 3)
  14. Happy Pink Day
  15. The Mysteries of the White Prince
  16. On the Race to Victory
  17. Zora's Loving Mother
  18. I See London, I See France, I See A Host Club (crossover special with Ouran Host Club)
  19. One Big Mystery
  20. Life is What You Bake
  21. Handy and Petunia, Love Forever
  22. Happy Kyoto Model
  23. One Big Lucky Gal (crossover special with Lucky Star)
  24. My Best Friend Teddy
  25. The Diva Sisters
  26. Crystal Aquarium (Part 1) (crossover special with Mermaid Melody)
  27. Crystal Aquarium (Part 2) (crossover special with Mermaid Melody)
  28. Crystal Aquarium (Part 3) (crossover special with Mermaid Melody)
  29. The Three Amigos
  30. Volleyball Paradise
  31. Lovers Got a Date by Destiny
  32. Giggles, Princess of Happiness
  33. Love Triangle Goes Wrong
  34. Double Trouble! Flippy Vs. Evil Flippy!
  35. The Mysterious Nebula
  36. Happy Ending (Part 1) (crossover special with Fruits Basket)
  37. Happy Ending (Part 2) (crossover special with Fruits Basket)
  38. Happy Ending (Part 3) (crossover special with Fruits Basket)
  39. Happy Ending (Part 4) (crossover special with Fruits Basket)
  40. Happy Ending (Part 5) (crossover special with Fruits Basket)
  41. The Happy Tree Gang Goes to the Universal Studio

Welcome to HTF Land: Love and Peace episodes (season 1)

  1. Neighbors in the City
  2. High School Paradise
  3. The Amazing Class President
  4. The Simes Sisters
  5. The Animal Hunter Squad
  6. Enter the Dreamland
  7. The Granting Fairy
  8. Maruco's Challenge
  9. The Gypsy's Sisters
  10. Thunder and Lightning
  11. The Return of Disco Shannon
  12. A Boy Named Haku
  13. Zora in Nightmare Land
  14. The Princess Warriors
  15. The Return of Buddhist Monkey
  16. Haku's Secret
  17. Amy's Secret File
  18. Rako, the Handsome Guy in School
  19. My Hot Cousin is Coming to Town
  20. Welcome to the Fun Fair
  21. Lura's and Zora's Greatest Adventures
  22. Flaky Comes Home
  23. My Friend Maldy is Kidnapped by the Zoruoco Twins
  24. The Return of Cursed Idol
  25. Miss Princess Popular, Casey
  26. Evil Flippy's Revenge
  27. One Way Trip to Subway Express
  28. Maldy's Secret
  29. Stacy vs. Jolto (Part 1)
  30. Stacy vs. Jolto (Part 2)
  31. Stacy vs. Jolto (Part 3)
  32. The Return of Casey's Clone
  33. The Big Green
  34. The Adventures of Sif Con
  35. Happy Tree Friends vs. The Animal Hunters (Part 1)
  36. Happy Tree Friends vs. The Animal Hunters (Part 2)
  37. Happy Tree Friends vs. The Animal Hunters (Part 3)
  38. Happy Tree Friends vs. The Animal Hunters (Part 4)
  39. Happy Tree Friends vs. The Animal Hunters (Part 5)
  40. Shifty Has a Crush on Gina
  41. Zora and Haku, the First Kiss of Love

Welcome to HTF Land: Love and Peace episodes (season 2, season 4 in the main series)

  1. Casey's Dad Gets a Flu
  2. Cloe's Popular Party
  3. Happy Tree Friends Game Land
  4. She's a Ninja Warrior
  5. Handy's House of Tree Friends
  6. Count Gothteya
  7. Kimco's and Nutty's Ice Adventures
  8. Lammy's Love Game
  9. I Survive a Scary House
  10. I Love the New Girl
  11. UFO Lumpy
  12. The Lucky Rich Boy
  13. Princess Flakida
  14. Little Miss Jenny
  15. Casey and Tree Friends, a Chinese New Year
  16. The Dance of Rio
  17. Cici and Amber
  18. Beware of Haruhi and Yuki (crossover special with Haruhi Suzumiya)
  19. Lady Adora
  20. Chicago During Summer
  21. I'm Not Your Slave
  22. The Story of Four Rubies
  23. I See Love, I See Jealousy
  24. My Dear Friend Sue
  25. The Love of My Heart (Part 1)
  26. The Love of My Heart (Part 2)
  27. Beware of Whistle, the Mad Dog
  28. The Broken Heart
  29. The Prince's Bride
  30. The Mysterious Purple Raccoon
  31. Maple the Bad Babysitter
  32. The Goobeger Gang
  33. The Little Mermaid Lammy
  34. Lifty and Shifty, Gold Under
  35. The Mystery of the Prince of Thieves
  36. Casey's Loving Mother
  37. Casey's Necklace (Part 1)
  38. Casey's Necklace (Part 2)

Season 5 (Doshi Paradise)

  1. The Tree Friends Meet the Island of Paradise
  2. Team Tree Friends
  3. The Big Party
  4. The Great Day Out
  5. Flaky the Mama (Part 1)
  6. Flaky the Mama (Part 2)
  7. The Great White Hawaiian Dragon
  8. The Lineage of the Great Hawaiian Blue Whale
  9. A True Friendship
  10. Lia vs. Mickey
  11. Beach Party Disaster
  12. The Best Group Buddy Ever
  13. The Vida Sisters
  14. Buddhist Monkey Has Returned
  15. Zora and the Foxes
  16. I See London, I See Cash
  17. The Land of Chocolate
  18. Casey Sleeps at the Garden
  19. The FBI Animal Cops
  20. I Know Your Secret
  21. The Lifeguard
  22. Blue Waterfall Paradise
  23. The May Day Showdown
  24. The Cupid of Love (Part 1)
  25. The Cupid of Love (Part 2)
  26. The Cupid of Love (Part 3)
  27. The Cupid of Love (Part 4)
  28. Disco Berry Day
  29. Sniffles the Genius
  30. Theme Park Paradise
  31. Generic Tree Ninjas Strike Back
  32. My Big Boy Cub
  33. The Diary of Casey's Parents
  34. The Evil Princess Nagoda (Part 1)
  35. The Evil Princess Nagoda (Part 2)
  36. The Evil Princess Nagoda (Part 3)
  37. Ember's True Friend

Season 6 (Thailand Adventure)

  1. My Dear Panda Mom
  2. Baby on Board
  3. The Hunt Forest
  4. The Spelling Bee
  5. Cro-Marmot Returns
  6. Splendid to the Rescue
  7. Flaky in Wonderland
  8. The Return of Truffles the Pig
  9. The Tree Friends' Nature Again
  10. Welcome to Thailand's Beach
  11. Panda Mom's and Pop's First Date
  12. My Shiny Armor (Part 1)
  13. My Shiny Armor (Part 2)
  14. Lumpy's Pet Elephant Returned
  15. Toothy's Pet Turtle
  16. My Dear Lovely Straps
  17. Eef and Her Rival
  18. Lifty's Love Feeling
  19. The Super Squad
  20. The Blue Tiger's in the House
  21. The Milkyway of Love
  22. Handy's Birthday Gift
  23. Here's Jussy!
  24. The Secret of the Paradise Beach
  25. Oh, My, Goddess!
  26. Haku Has Returned
  27. Zora's and Haku's First Date of Love
  28. Welcome to Thailand's Phiphi Beach
  29. Tiger General Strikes Back
  30. Home at Last
  31. Friends Forever

Season 7 (New York Paradise)

  1. Welcome to New York City
  2. Flaky and Casey's Friendship
  3. The Cutest Thing Ever
  4. Lifty and Shifty in the Big City
  5. The Tree Friends are Back in Action!
  6. Calling Dr. Tree Friends
  7. Me and My Neighbor
  8. Table For Free
  9. Shifty and Patty
  10. Girlfriends Wanna Have Fun
  11. Supermodel Showdown
  12. Larua's Popstars
  13. New York's Zoom of Doom
  14. Peeping Tom
  15. Welcome to Ice Cream Land
  16. Here's Fliqpy!
  17. My Lovely Friend
  18. Fifi's Temptation (crossover special with Tiny Toon Adventures)
  19. Giggles' Magical Apples
  20. The Party House
  21. Maple Has Returned
  22. The Return of Whistle the Dog
  23. Fliqpy's Dream
  24. My Little Dollie
  25. Flaky's Dreams
  26. My Dear Princess Giggles
  27. Mimi is in the City
  28. One Heck of a Puppy
  29. The Return of the Black Rat
  30. Thanksgiving Paradise
  31. The Ghost of the Siren Song
  32. Teamwork
  33. Brandy Strikes Back
  34. Best Snow Day Ever
  35. My Dear Sister
  36. Disco Devia
  37. The Beauty of Romance
  38. Splendid the Babysitter
  39. Mime's Great Show
  40. Cuddles the Cottontail
  41. Flaky and Splendont, Lost in the Big City
  42. Beauty and the Prince
  43. Sir Thomas (Part 1)
  44. Sir Thomas (Part 2)
  45. Sir Thomas (Part 3)
  46. Sir Thomas (Part 4)
  47. Our Journey Has Ended

Season 8 (A New Journey) (combines with the HTF Adventures universe)

  1. A New Day (Part 1)
  2. A New Day (Part 2)
  3. Welcome to Happy Tree Kingdom
  4. Reddy and Kelly
  5. Nutty and Sniffles, Back in Action!
  6. Beware of Bowser
  7. Flaky's Great Day at School
  8. My Friend Bella
  9. My Dear Neena
  10. Here's Flippy
  11. Welcome Home, Copper
  12. Lovely Giggles
  13. When A Mad Plant Attacks
  14. Cinco de Mayo Disaster
  15. Tacho's Will, Tacho's Way of Lifetime
  16. The Haunting Ghost of Doom
  17. Zora Has Returned
  18. Casey Discovers the Guardian Warriors
  19. The Great and Powerful Splendid and Splendont
  20. Here's Flaffy!
  21. Flipleah Has Returned (Part 1)
  22. Flipleah Has Returned (Part 2)
  23. Flipleah Has Returned (Part 3)
  24. Dodgeball Day
  25. Giggles and Toothy, Lost at the Unknown Island
  26. Bowser's Plans
  27. Bowser vs. Neena
  28. Allayna in the Big City
  29. The Power of Youth
  30. Do I See Jealousy?
  31. My Secret is Revealed
  32. All Hail the Koopa King
  33. My Little Eggy
  34. My First Kiss
  35. Nutty in Candyland
  36. Welcome to Disco Party
  37. Mime's Greatest Show on Earth
  38. The Diary of Zora's Parents
  39. My Friends or Foes
  40. Sister
  41. Monster Twins
  42. New Girl
  43. The Beach of Paradise
  44. Show Down
  45. My Prince
  46. My True Love
  47. The Cook Off
  48. Coconut
  49. Ana's Adventures
  50. The Bear and the Rabbit
  51. Zora's Birthday Party
  52. Pay Back (Part 1)
  53. Pay Back (Part 2)
  54. Winter Snowy Date
  55. My Musical Clock Seiko
  56. Welcome to the Aquarium
  57. The Day at Lincoln Park Zoo
  58. Chicago Bulls, Here We Come!
  59. Me and My Cubs' Game

Season 9 (crossover with Kirby and Touhou)

  1. A Brand New Member
  2. A New Journey
  3. Toothy's and Nutty's Adventures
  4. King Dedede
  5. Shifty's Love Bug
  6. Josie's Date
  7. Disco or No Disco
  8. Sugarland
  9. Another Villain's Buddy
  10. Princess Daydream
  11. Happy Seasons
  12. Bike Racer
  13. Angel's Ghost
  14. Fire Poppers
  15. Kirby?
  16. Disco Bear's Bad Hair Day
  17. Happy Clover
  18. Ice Breaker
  19. Royal Kingdom
  20. Clause for a Day
  21. Year of the Water Snake
  22. Tears of Joy
  23. Flipqy's Dream Land
  24. Yoshi
  25. Twin Sister's Best Friend Forever
  26. Happy Tree Friends Meet GoGoRiki
  27. Judging Pies
  28. The Love and the Crystal Kingdom
  29. Comic Book Day
  30. Petsitters
  31. Easter Madness
  32. Bowser and King Dedede's Game Zone
  33. To Art or Not to Art
  34. When Squid Girl Attacks
  35. Princess' Royal Twins
  36. Mushroom Boy
  37. Music Day
  38. Dino-Rampage
  39. Kirby's Great Outdoors
  40. Flippy and Fliqpy's Birthday Bash
  41. Flaky vs. Scratch and Grounder
  42. Happy Tree Friends vs. Karl
  43. Yukari and Oliver the Poison Pony
  44. Hokey Pokey, Hockey Pokey
  45. I Got a Date with the Princess
  46. Officer's Cafe
  47. Payback
  48. Happy Tree Scouts
  49. Mighty Handy
  50. Rolling Heights
  51. Silence
  52. Meta Knight
  53. Computer Master
  54. Bug City
  55. Claw Master
  56. Kailani
  57. My Little Chibi-Chibi
  58. The Grand Ball of Heaven
  59. Ship Wreck
  60. Fliqpy's Feelings
  61. King Nutty
  62. China Doll
  63. Lela
  64. The Deep Sea
  65. Best Summer Ever
  66. Beach Island
  67. A Spy
  68. Chaos (Part 1)
  69. Chaos (Part 2)
  70. Chaos (Part 3)
  71. Splendid's Anniversary
  72. My New Neighbor
  73. Moon Princess
  74. Ghost Princess
  75. Angel
  76. The Raven
  77. Snowland
  78. Everyone Loves Flaky
  79. Princess Lola
  80. I'm Your Garden
  81. Splendid's Babysitting Chaos
  82. Fight to the End
  83. My Cousin Linda
  84. The Thunder Bolt Club
  85. Pet Chaos
  86. Princess Chi-Chi
  87. My Little Casey
  88. Shifty's Fantasy Land
  89. My Boyfriend Is a Hungry Wolf
  90. Nightmare of Leech
  91. History (Part 1)
  92. History (Part 2)
  93. Karen
  94. The Queen (Part 1)
  95. The Queen (Part 2)
  96. The Queen (Part 3)
  97. Best Friend Day
  98. Blackmail
  99. The Book (Part 1)
  100. The Book (Part 2)
  101. The Book (Part 3)
  102. The Book (Part 4)

Episodes by other people

This lists episodes not made by STITCH62633.

  1. Future of Magical One
  2. House Heads Circles
  3. Medium Red Fried Hare
  4. Hanging Out with Hibiki! Star Wars with Lumpy!
  5. Nightmare Before Dolly-O-Ween


  1. Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Land: The Movie
  2. Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Land Movie: The Great Spirit of Rio
  3. Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Land 2: The Gold of Cyrus
  4. Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Land 3: The Tales of the Chinese Princess
  5. Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Land 4: A Race to the Ice Castle
  6. Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Land 5: The Book of Wonderland
  7. Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Land 6: The Secret of the Blue Rose
  8. Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Land 7: A Crystal Heart of Friendship
  9. Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Land 8: The Tale of the Golden Ganesha
  10. Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Land 9: The Legend of the Magic Flute
  11. Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Land 11: Mystery of the Crystal Wedding
  12. Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Land 12: The History of the Royal Kingdom
  13. Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Land 13: Happy Tree World


  1. The Christmas
  2. New Year
  3. Halloween


This spinoff has spawned some games on its own.

  • Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Land DS: A DS game based from the series itself.
  • Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Land: Techno Mix Dance Party!: Possibly a DDR-type of game featuring the female characters.
  • Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Land: The Great Family's Golden Tree: A visual novel style of game in which you progress through the story as one of the human characters, Zack or Maria.


Names in other languages


Добро пожаловать в счастливой стране лесные друзья

(Dobro Pozhalovatʹ v Schastlivoy Strane Lesnyye Druzʹya)

Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Country
Spanish Bienvenidos al Mundo del Happy Tree Friends Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Lands
German Willkommen bei Happy Tree Friends Land Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Country


(Happītsurīfurenzu no Tochi e Yōkoso)

Welcome to the Land of the Happy Tree Friends
French Bienvenue dans le monde de Happy Tree Friends. Welcome in the World of Happy Tree Friends.

O Mundo dos Happy Tree Friends (Season 1-2)

Bem-Vindo á Happy Tree Friends Terra (Season 3-)

The World of Happy Tree Friends (Season 1-2)

Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Land (Season 3-)

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