What A Choke is a fan episode.





Jeb and Dean are watching a movie and sharing popcorn. Jeb starts choking on his popcorn. It takes 10 seconds for Dean to notice and he starts pushing on Jeb's chest, hoping to revive him. Dean pushes too hard and Jeb's ribs break. Dean starts looking for something that could get the popcorn out of Jeb's throat. The first thing that Dean sees is a spoon and he puts in Jeb's mouth. While trying to pull the popcorn out, Dean severs Jeb's tongue. In desperate last hopes of reving Jeb, Dean tries to do mouth to mouth. Dean's breath inflates Jeb's head and it explots, covering Dean in all of Jeb's blood. Dean then shrugs off Jeb's death and walks away to take a shower.


  • Jeb's head explodes.


This is Jeb and Dean's first appearences.

This is Jeb's first death.

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