"What a CRAZY Day!" is a fan episode.


The episode starts with Crazy The Parrot watching a movie on his TV about dangerous stunts. Crazy changes the channel, now showing a commercial called "Hurt Yourself Contest". Crazy wants to win that contest, so Crazy begins thinking about some harmful things. He grabs a knife, a rubber chicken, a nail, and scissors. Crazy goes to the contest and sees his friends Rugger, Lumpy, and Cuddles sitting on chairs watching people hurting themselves. Crazy loses his mind over the contest. Mectrixctic comes up next and stabs herself on her heart. Grumpy Cat gives Mectrixctic a second place trophy. Crazy goes next, running on the stage while stabbing himself with the knife, pulling his eye out, stepping on the nail, eating his tail, and cutting his arm. Then Crazy chokes on a rubber chicken. Grumpy Cat is shocked that he killed himself in a crazy way. Grumpy Cat gives Crazy the first place trophy. Everyone cheers.


"Don't hurt yourself."


  • Mectrixctic stabs herself on her heart.
  • Crazy chokes on a rubber chicken.


  • Crazy stabs himself with a knife, pulls his eye out, steps on nail, eats his tail, and cuts his arm.


  • This is Crazy's first episode.
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