While fishing on a pier, Hippy enjoys a snack of mussels and clams. He doesn't notice a blow
fish is in the bucket with his other seafood and Hippy swallows it. As he hooks and tries to reel in a fish, the blowfish expands in Hippy's throat cutting off his air.

Despite not being able to breathe, Hippy still attempts to reel the fish in. His fishing pole breaks and as he tries pulling on the fishing line with his hands, his hands are cut off. Still determined, Hippy grabs the fishing line with his mouth and despite cutting his face, Hippy manages to pull the fish in.

Unfortunately Hippy landed a swordfish, which flies at him and impales his head. Before the episode ends, the blowfish deflates and Hippy lets out a weak "aaaah" like helium.

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