Splendont shouldv’e known this happened to Mime, Disco Bear, and Russell when Splendid went to con.

A mask-wearing, backpack-hauling Scales departs a bus and stares awstruck at a large convention center where the latest comic book convention is being held. Fuddles and Superspeed enter before him, flashing their convention passes to Lumpy, who stands watch as the security guard. Scales can't find his ticket, however, so Lumpy turns him away. This turns out to be a blessing in disguise, as a massacre is about to unfold in the convention center.

Inside the building, Splendont sits a booth signing autographs. While signing a picture for Trippy, the top of the pen breaks off. When Splendont flicks the top of the pen away, it pierces Trippy, Minty, and Hippy through their heads. When Splendont completes his task he looks up to find no one in front of him. He shrugs and looks at his watch. Realizing he's late to his speech, he hurries away to the auditorium.

Splendont passes by Toothy and Jussy, who plays with a toy light saber and spear, on his way to the auditorium. The light on Toothy' light saber goes out, saddening the two. Splendont thinks for a second and uses his eye lasers to recharge the light saber. Though happy at first, Toothy ends up cutting Jussy in half with the charged weapon. To make matters worse, the hot plastic melts over Toothy's head, setting him on fire. He runs away, screaming.

In the auditorium, Splendont taps the microphone only for it to break. He then tries speaking loudly, the soundwaves of his supervoice breaking glass and puncturing eardrums. Toothy, still on fire and now missing the top of his head, runs into the auditorium and falls down dead. She ends up setting Shiftette on fire, who in turn sets everyone else (but Splendont) in the room on fire.

Splendont sucks the air out of the room to suffocate the fire. Unfortunately, this condenses the size of the convention center and leaves everyone inside without air. Noticing this, Splendont proceeds to exhale the air back into the room whereupon the convention center expands. The bodies of the convention patrons are flung to the windows by Splendont's breath, crushing their bodies in the process. The magnitude of Splendont's breath eventually causes the convention center to collapse, killing all inside except Splendont himself.

Scales, having finally found his pass, walks up to Splendont, who is currently holding up a portion of the building, and asks for an autograph. Splendont, only happy to oblige, ends up dropping the portion of the building on Scales. Realizing the death and destruction he's caused, Splendont quickly leaves the scene.

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