Gender: ?
Interest(s): Beauty, Killing
Species: Fox
Color: Red
Relatives: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Size: Medium
Friends/Allies: Pia Ale Rex
Enemies/Rivals: Flippy Ziggles
Love Interest(s): n/a
Kill Count: {{{14}}}
Deaths: {{{15}}} {{{16}}}
First Appearance: {{{17}}}
First Victim: {{{18}}} {{{19}}}
First Death: {{{20}}}

Xinx is a unknown gendered fox. It thinks it looks so beatiful. It hates Ziggles because it feels that Ziggles is prettier then it. And it also hates Flippy, because it thinks Flippy has fallen for Ziggles. It has a bow in its head and a golden wristband.


Xinx is the only Fanon character to be known has an unknown gender.


  1. Xinx has no eyelashes unlike most Females. But most female characters on the fanon don't have eyelashes like Swords, Shaky The Porcupine, Aqua (the baby bunny), etc.
  2. Some males are envied by looking fabulous and beautiful.
  3. It enjoys killing like most males.


  1. Xinx dresses like a girl
  2. It doens't that just because it doesn't have eyelashes doesn't mean it's a not a girl


Starring Roles

  1. Need A Bath?

Featuring Roles

  1. Wild West Side
  2. Better Early Than Ever


  1. Ahoy, Me Mateys
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