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Name Yooriliz
Gender Female
Interests Religion, Family, Being with Friends
Color Yellow
Relatives Lora, Jimmy, Milley, Richey
Age 21
Size Medium
Friends/Allies Rachel, Martyna, Ale, Kim, Paurii, Aleksei, Virginie, Jussy, Gaby, Shopi, Xime, Van, Mahogany, Needles, Marco, Fabi, Krazy, Fliqpy
Enemies/Rivals N/A
Love Interests Fliqpy
Kill Count 0
Death Count 2
First Victim N/A
First Death Tripped over a rock and smashed her face on the ground.

Yooriliz is a fan character.


Yooriliz is a yellow squirrel that was created by a deviantART member, YooriYooriliz. She had a crush on, married, and even had children with the Canon Character, Fliqpy. her current outfit is black dress with purple belt, and at her hair - a purple hair bow. Yooriliz is very religious, sweet, and cool tempered and is always happy to meet new people.

Episode List

  • N/A


  • N/A


  • Face ripped off on sidewalk
  • Decapitated
  • Various deaths shown in deleted pictures and fan fictions

Occupations and Careers

  1. Housewife
  2. Paramedic
  3. UWU Gang Member


  1. Fliqpy - Husband/Friend
  2. Lora - Daughter
  3. Jimmy - Son
  4. Milley - Daughter
  5. Ale - Best friend
  6. Martyna - Best friend
  7. Rachel - Best friend
  8. Gaby - Best friend
  9. Kenny - Close friend
  10. Alexis - Close friend
  11. Alice - Best friend
  12. Janet - Friend
  13. Jill - Friend
  14. Lilith - Close friend
  15. Adam - Close friend
  16. Lucy - Close friend
  17. Speirs - Enemy
  18. Tiffany - Best friend

Fan Art


  • Yooriliz and Fliqpy are couple. they have kinda complicated relationship - well, ofcourse there is love between them, but sometimes Yooriliz prefer that he will stay far away from her [not so difficult to guess why].
  • One of the few Flippy fangirls who originally could never flip out.
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