In his house, Wooly gets ready for Jussy's birthday party, ironing his shirt (with a towel wrapped around his waist). Leaving the iron pressed down on his shirt, Wooly then moves over to a mixer where he begins making a cake. He is interrupted by the doorbell.

He answers the door to find Toothy in a boy scout outfit selling cookies. A gust of wind blows Wooly's towel off his body, exposing his private area to Toothy. Wooly doesn't notice this as he ponders whether or not to buy some cookies, but Toothy seeing his privates and shrieking brings him back to reality. He sees it, gets shocked and desperately looks around for something to cover his nudity.

When he looks back, Wooly sees smoke coming from the iron and his shirt. He runs to the iron, but he trips over the many cords plugged into an overloaded electrical socket. While trying to break his fall, Wooly flips the ironing board over, causing the iron to fly onto Toothy's face. While struggling to put his shirt on, Wooly's arm accidentally hits the mixer, which flies through the air and lands in Toothy's eye sockets, causing extensive brain damage. The mixer eventually falls out of Toothy's head, along with a lot of his blood and both of his eyes.

The scene then shifts to Jussy opening her door to find Wooly standing there. He still has his shirt over his head (complete with an iron burn), apparently unable to get it over his ears. He presents the cake he made to Jussy, however the cake is purple and covered in blood. Right before the episode ends, a gust of wind blows out the candles on the cake.


  1. In the orginal verison of this episode featuring Puffy as the boy scout selling cookies to Wooly and saw him butt naked, Puffy was replaced with Toothy for an unknown reason. The original version of You're Bakin' Me Crazy was destroyed and left the edited version on the internet, but original version doesn't exist anymore.
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