You're Happy and You're Dead is the frist episode of Happy Tree Human???.

Starring Roles

  • Jack
  • Ally
  • Dr. Blood Thirsty

Featuring Roles

  • Samantha
  • Wade
  • Howdy


Jack wakes up one morning to find out it's his first date with Ally. During his date, Dr. Blood Thirsty comes in a giant robot suit. Samantha and Wade come to have a date, but Dr. Blood Thirsty ruins it. Samantha sees Dr. Blood Thirsty and flips out, but he kidnappes her, then Jack, Ally, and Wade run for their lives. Howdy lassos the robot, but Dr. Blood Thirsty uses Howdy's rope to hit him, only for Wade to save Howdy. Dr. Blood Thirsty then traps Jack, Ally, Wade, and Howdy. Dr. Blood Thirsty is laughing like an evil person. Samantha says to him to speak louder and turn around. Before he can laugh, Samantha shoots him with an arrow, but the robot crashes. Luckily, Samantha survived. Howdy hugs and kisses her. Samantha punches him and says that she loves Wade not Howdy, but soon forgives him, then the eipsode ends.


  • Dr. Blood Thirsty is killed by an arrow.


  • Howdy is beaten up by Dr. Blood Thirsty.
  • Samantha had some rubble on her.
  • Samantha punches Howdy.
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