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Zet is a character of HTFF.


Zet is a dark yellow jaguar who is a cop, a corrupted cop. Zet wears a police hat, sunglasses, black gloves and boots, and a belt. He sometimes can be seen in a full police outfit if he wanted to.

Zet is likely known as a bad police who makes his own rules and laws. Zet slightly cares about the main rules inside the town but always "reworks" the rules by himself. He just enjoys what he did and arrests anyone with no good reason. He can also be very stupid to understand the rules and laws, causing him to rework and replace them with his own.

Zet works by himself and doesn't want any help from others. He's quite rude to others and tends to force them to follow his rules. Zet can also mess other police up and assumes that as his hobby. He will beat anyone who don't follow his rules and send them into prison.

Despite being a bad police, he actually follows the rules at the junction, keeping the traffic normal. There were very few rules that he followed before he started to ruin it. Most people don't even like him and always get into his trouble. His deaths are always caused by the bad side of him.


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  1. Nothing to Sphere - Killed when his police car explodes.
  2. Hold Your Wire - Eaten and mauled by Whistle. 
  3. Good Rebels - Squeezed into the knothole of a tree.
  4. Full Speed Ahead - Mangled into the car's axle.
  5. Donut Disturb - Chokes on a donut.
  6. Ticket to the Limit - Smashed into a parking meter.
  7. Trash, Boom, Bang! - Crushed by a museum column.
  8. 101 Bunnies - Ran over by bunnies.
  9. Be-Cuss I Can - Flung into the air and collided with a blimp.
  10. Coconut's Crabby Day - Tail and spine ripped out.
  11. Crime Does Pay - Crushed into the tree by a van.
  12. Bus Stop - Run over by a bus.
  13. Snapped My Fingers - Ran over by his police car.
  14. Leaf Her Alone - Head blown off by a gun inside his mouth.
  15. Late for Me, Soon for Your - Get hit by a car.
  16. Who's To Fame? - Crushed by a paint roller.
  17. How Do You Love Me Now - Burned to death.
  18. I'm Re-zet-ting This - Ran over by a police car.
  19. Prickly Cravings - Crushed by a police car
  20. Hop-py Holidays - Dies when helicopter collides with plane.
  21. Down Sin The Dumps - Squashed by rolling pipes.
  22. Fruit Looped - Mauled to death.
  23. Murfy's Law - Turned to stone.
  24. Beyond Frilled - Crushed between a police car and a wall.
  25. Switching Sizes - Burns to Death.
  26. Break the Road - Disintegrated by Flash's car speed. 
  27. Cease of Cake - Stabbed in the head from the back by Muddy.
  28. Here We Go A-brain - Knocked out, brain removed.
  29. Tromp the Vote - Crushed in police car.
  30. Big Girls Do Cry - Splatters against a wall.
  31. Car-ful What You Wish For - Crushed when his car turns into a snail.
  32. Seasoning the Soup with Saltiness - Vaporized by Maya.
  33. Murder Mystery - Stabbed to death by The Mysterious Kidnapper.
  34. Werefox to Intervention - Mauled to death by Riston
  35. Get Rekt! - Flattened by a steamroller.
  36. Toys and Girls - Choked to death.
  37. Abra-Kadabra! - Head blown to pieces.

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