Ziggles Alone
Gender: Female
Interest(s): Friends, Carnivals
Species: Bear
Color: Magenta
Relatives: n/a
Age: Unknown
Size: Medium
Friends/Allies: Ava Sana Flippy Cookie
Enemies/Rivals: Zigz, Flaky
Love Interest(s): Cookie Splendid Torn
Kill Count: 6 (As Zigz)
Deaths: 0 0
First Appearance: Carnival of Evil
First Victim: Ava Carnival of Evil
First Death: n/a

Ziggles is a Pink Bear with a Purple dress similar to a Power Puff Girls dress, except longer.

Ziggles lives with a red squirrel named Ava and they were best friends ever since they were kids.

Ziggles Base

Ziggles, with her Purple Dress in the Season 1 Intro

he has an extreme allergic reaction to cats. Her skin starts to turn green, and gets very itchy and coughs and sneezes like mad. Ziggles has an evil form that comes out when near crowds. Ziggles has a huge crush on Splendid. Ziggles tends to cry/get upset whenever something reminds her of memories when she was a kid that were unfortunate. Ziggles is best friends with Flippy, and even dresses up as him for halloween. Ziggles really hates Flaky, and always tries to kill her whenever she gets the chance.Flaky, although, thinks they are friends. Ziggles is also friends with Sky, and always helps plant her gardens and visits often. There is still a debate for the creator if Ziggles is going to get rid of her Evil form by an exorcism.

Evil Form - Zigz

Zigz, or Evil Ziggles, is Ziggles's evil form. Zigz always emerges when noticing crowds, or lots of people.Zigz was revealed that she was trapped within Ziggles, and Zigz used to be a Serial Killer from a totally different town, but died in an awful explosion. Zigz has a crush on Flippy which makes it hard for Ziggles, because of her crush on Splendid.

Ziggles's Evil Form

Ziggles's Evil Form, Or Zigz


Ziggles has a series of Fears/Phobias.

  • Birds
  • Flying Squirrels
  • Fleas
  • Splendid (Sometimes)
  • Spiders
  • Vampires
  • Sharp Objects
  • Sky (Sometimes)

Occupations and Careers

  • Under Taker
  • Bartender
  • Cashier


  • The reason Ziggles was given her name was because of the creators nickname being "Zig" on the internet.
  • It will still be a debate if Ziggles was get rid of her Evil Form by an exorcism, and have a complete crush on Splendid.
  • Ziggles always dresses up as Flippy for Halloween.
  • The Ziggles page is being counted for how many times it will be violated, 6 times so far. (See her History)
  • Ziggles lives with Ava in a tree branch, similar to what Flippy's house looks like.


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