This character is dead...
It is extremely unlikely that he/she will ever appear again.
Name Zipper
Gender Male
Interests Putting on his suit, playing around, toys
Species Bear
Color Magenta
Relatives  ???
Age  ???
Size Medium
Friends/Allies Cro-Marmot
Enemies/Rivals Lifty and Shifty
Any character that can flip out
Love Interests None
Kill Count 2
Death Count 2
First Appearance Fish for Compliments
First Victim Swindler
First Death Can You Feel it Now?

Zipper is a fan character.

Character Bio

Zipper is a magenta bear who is always seen wearing a suit with a zipper on the back (hence his name). His only default suit is the orange suit, but he's always seen wearing a different color one in every episode he appears in. Because of this, he's often a main target of dim-witted characters, who can easily mistake Zipper for another tree friend. He's also somewhat clueless, boosting the level of mayhem in the episode he's involved.

It can be assumed that Zipper is very young, seeing that his house is a rocky cave with a wooden door, yet the inside is very colorful and filled with toys and sets of kiddie furniture. He even keeps a stuffed animal of himself.

Though friendly and meant no harm, almost every character doesn't recognize him. Even if he's right in front of someone or he's clearly screaming, he/she/they won't recognize him. The only characters who can recognize him are the dim-witted characters like Lumpy and possibly inanimate characters like Cro-Marmot. There are no exact reasons why most characters can't recognize him though. It is said that there will be an episode that will explain this, but it's highly unlikely.

Zipper seems to fear anyone who can flip out. Even if the tree friend capable of flipping out is still pretty calm, Zipper ends up running away from him/her.

His deaths might involve getting crushed, impaled, or cut to pieces. He was last seen in And Then There Were Less.

Zipper's Episodes

Starring Roles

Featuring Roles



  1. Can You Feel It Now?: Falls off roller coaster. 
  2. And Then There Were Less: Skinned by zipper. (Permanent)


  1. Dopple-ganger: Is skinned.

Kill count

  • Swindler - 1 ("Christmas Once Again" along with Frostbite and Pucky)
  • Al Capone - 1 ("Without a Hitch (Al Capone version")


  • He was killed off in And Then There Were Less because, according to his creator, it was hard to incorporate him in episodes.


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